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::Stolen from Xanga 07-05-05 20:49
Type your name with your:
NOSE – kelli
ELBOW – kelli
CHIN – kedlli
FEET – kellli
PALM – kelli
MOUth – kelli
WRIST – kelli
TONGUE – kelli
KNEE – kk 3de,l;k;lk89

Pretty damn good :)

Oh well, I had a good week. Friends from England came back and are visiting.

Tis fun. Forth was great. I had two forth of julys. One at hawwiian Beach, and one on 61th and Camden.

In all, I got one whole misquito bite. Spellings wrong, so bite me?

Oh well, its late.


::hurts :( 06-26-05 15:15
Theres nothing to do. I sat in my hot room and looked around. With my new barbels in a new handy case, I decided to have one less thing in my box. I took out my 10 gauges. And put them in. My right ear didn't hurt much at all, but my left ear still hurts, a couple days ago I attepted to put it in my left, but it hurt so I stopped.

And I tried agian cause Im no failure! And man, did it hurt. Im going to be able to afford 8 gauges so maybe 10 is as far as I can go.

Anyone got some old 8 gauges I could possible buy for really cheap.. Unless you bled all over them, I dont mind giving them a good cleaning in some proxide, ribbing alclhol, and then some ear solutions but if there icky, Ill pass.

But itd be really helpful :)

I'll have pictures up soon. And maybe I'll transfer my MorbidTears layout here, just cause I think its cute.

This one is just kinda difficult to read on, and the lightened pic looked like shit.

So, waiting on a phone call thats never going to some..

Oh the drama?

Anyways, Im going to go wash my face.

::sex master! 06-24-05 21:34

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Beat that... I own..
::so long. 06-23-05 22:43
Wow. It's been forever since I updated. Summer hasn't shown any justice yet!!

Fights with da boyfriend are at all time low.

Dinner dates, morning calls, promises to buy pants. Aww :)

He's really making up for how crummy he once was.

I've been doing some serious thinking. I can't let it all out right now, but its very confusing.

I dont want to end up making the wrong choice.. Yes alex, we'll talk about it at a late time.. Ill bring it up to you, if you ask about it, I wont tell you.


Its late, i have a wedding to go to.. how lame :(

I'd rather hang out with Alex, but he wanted to drive. Something that sounds harsh: Hes a little to obsessed with this whole driving thing. Like plans for tomarrow were cancelled cause he wanted to drive home from school. Hed rather take a ten minute drive than a day of me?

Hes just real excited cause he just got his permit. but chill out ya got a while..

okay? sorry baby for sounding lame :(


I dont sound like my self tonight, i feel different.. Meh, I dont like it.

I guess im going to go..

::One memory 06-16-05 18:14
Went through a box of old papers.

Found something that was a sweet reminder that I was loved.

It said, "she shines in a world full if ugiliness, she matters when everything is meaningless- I love her and will never let her go"


I have a pretty big headache. I want to go to bed. Now me and Lonis plans won't work out. We planned out OUR whole day. She said she reserved a day for me and her just to go out and have fun.


Gunna make a phone call, to cancle my appointment.. Then go and lay down.

::muthafuckers 06-16-05 15:58
Wish I could OD about now...
::some grades. 06-11-05 15:16
Grades came.

Here they are listed for you:

Pottery- B
Tech Ex (wood shop) - C
Biology- A
History- B
English- A
Algerbra- A
Vikes- A

I got a new car! A '93 Ford Taurus.

Wanna know something?

I got it for free!

Wanna know something else?

Mom says its my graduation present.

heh. Funny thing is, I just finish my freshman year.

And my sisters present was $700 from their pocket. It was a new car.. a new cd player for her car.. party..

-Confused look-

I get a car for free?? That I cleaned? That I offered to pay to get fixed (only minor things)


Meh. I got a much better car than the sister so I want to gloat. Because two minutes after she found out it was mine-

"Mom she has a better car than me"

Well dearest- I didn't wait until I was 18 to get my licsenes. Nor be out of school without one job.

So I get the better stuff. Cause I succeed.

Go Kelli.

Yeah-yeah. Your smart. Your hott. Your organized. Your hip. Your on track. Your no druggie. Your have a cute man. Who0t. who0o0o0t.

I've got $90 in my pocket. I have 6 days left of grounding. My new ATM is on its way.

I have mixed emotions. Somethings are going well, some are a suckfest.

On another happy note- we're picking the boyfriend up from summer school tomarrow. He gets to come here. He gets to see my new car.

So happy I get to see him. :)

My tummy hurts. Going to go beg dad to put the battery on .. well. HELP ME NAME MY CAR!!!

I want 5 suggestions then Ill make a poll :)



::so hott. 06-06-05 21:06
No a/c in 90 degree weather.

I've been spending a huge amount of time at the boyfriends place. He's there.

Plus he has a/c.


Application filled out, ready to take it in.

Pa-leez let me get a job.

I got my money deposited, I have a whole $95.10 in the bank.

I feel rich :) hehe. I get paid another $15 for unpackng my cousins boxes, and putting together one of them shelves for videos.

So its all okay.

Got up some nerve and gunna ask an old 'friend' to hang out.

1/2 whoot.

::Grad Party 06-04-05 16:20
Congratulations Sammy Henderson!!

I went to Sammys party and had some fun. I went with my boyfriend.

Kellie said I was over dressed :(

I wore a black, jagged hem skirt, two x two fishnets (basicly that porn-star look) and new but already basic black and white vintage converses and a pink shirt with a broken skull on it. Cute pink make-up, and bracelettes


Gah. Oh well. It was fun and now hes here with me.

I ate a lot so maybe some working out??


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